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 +# instructions
 +* Please create an account and log in while you are editing.
 +* Confusingly,​ this wiki uses two different markup formats. Please use [Markdown](https://​daringfireball.net/​projects/​markdown/​basics) formatting for compatibility. You can find a good cheat sheet here: 
 +* Particularly,​ this means that you should never manually bold headings. A heading is denoted by '## ' at the start of the line (or '### ' and '#### ' for subheadings).
 +* You may like to use a text editor that is aware of Markdown - I like [TextMate](https://​macromates.com/​) for Mac
 +* There is a button on the top row with some templates (the green gear icon). Use this to add common features - let me know if there are some more that I can add to save you some time.
 +* Add videos from the youtube playlists.
 +* Format the dot points into basic prose.
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